This course teaches school site staff how to provide work with morning drop-off and afternoon pickup of students from vehicles other than school buses. The course goes over legal liability, the difference between a crossing guard and much more. Total Time: 20 to 30 minutes Format: Video and Quizes Minimum Grade Required To Pass: 75% Days to Complete: 30
This course teaches school employees the fundamentals of heat illness in compliance with Title 8, Section 3395.

This course is designed for volunteers and parents who will be helping out in the classroom.  Learn the ins and outs of safety for students in the classroom and really help your teacher.

Mandated Reporter Training for California. This course complies with AB14323 of 2014/2015This course complies with AB14323 requirements. This course will teach you who is a mandated reporter, what is required to report, how to make a report and what happens after you make a report.
This course will explore the galaxy of cyber space and teach you how to keep yourself and your kids safe while traveling there.
This courses is an introduction to Comprehensive School Safety Plans. This course discusses the California Education Code requirements under Section 32280 et. al.

CSSP's are required by law in California for all public K-12 schools.

If you are new to CSSP's or just want a refresher, this course is for you.

Format: Slideshow w/ Audio Presentation
Running Time: approximately 17 minutes
Timeframe: Unlimited views for 30 days
Quiz: Yes
Year Published: 2012
Audience: Anyone responsible for the development and implementation of a CSSP

Meet Ken Tork in this Ed4Ed production on the Choking Game. Ken Tork, who lost his only son to the Choking Game explains the danger of this fascinating but deadly game kids are playing all over the United States. This course is free to everyone. You just need to register to view the course.
This video course goes over the fundamentals of classroom safety - teaching instructors how to keep their classrooms safe for themselves and their students.
This is a public service announcement from State Farm and Global Community College, Inc on the importance of CERT.