Both Federal and Cal-OSHA require employees to be trained on label components and safety data sheets by December 1st, 2013. This course is designed to train employees on the December 2013 requirements.

In this short video, participants will learn the 6 label elements and the 16 sections of an SDS. There is a short quiz after the video to ensure participants understand the material.

Video Length - 9:12

This course is designed to walk you through the elements of an Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP). It provides you with sample exerts from a real policy.
This short course will teach you how to read the 16 categories of the new SDS
This short video will show you the document request form often received from Cal-OSHA, how to read and some tips on how to respond to it.
This short video will demonstrate the proper way to install an ear plug. It also shows the various type of ear plugs you may encounter.
This course covers Cal-OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard for initial training.
Simply a great film that everyone should watch!